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Best Features of Our WhatsApp Panel

• Reports
Our reporting system allows you to see how many messages that you uploaded for marketing are in progress, completed or whether system rejected.
• Send Texts, Images and Videos in Bulk
You can send image, text messages and Videos to Bulk WhatsApp Number. You get an option to upload the images and videos in Our Panel.
• Add and Filter Contacts
You can add individual contact information into a particular group using this feature. You can see how many numbers were added into the system and how many numbers were filtered using our script out of total no. of numbers added.
• Add Group and View Groups

This feature allows you to create a new group. You can view the groups which are already created in the system. And also see how many numbers are added in that particular group.

•Reseller Level Options

Our Reseller account allows the resellers to manage their credit transfers, able to activate/deactivate user accounts, add/edit/delete credits from users under the Reseller Panel.

• High Delivery Guarantee

Our Panel allows you to send bulk text WhatsApp messages, Images and Videos to list of contacts which are already uploaded With more than 95% Delivery Rate

  • WhatsApp Marketing Software
    WhatsApp Marketing Software
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    WhatsApp Web Panel
  • WhatsApp Marketing Tools
    WhatsApp Marketing Tools

Why Whatsapp Marketing is Benefited for Business:

1) You can Send Messages and Promote your business all over the world form any country.
2) Improve your business ranking by promoting your business through WhatsApp.
3) Get huge brand promotion and new domestic and international clients without any rule and hassle.
4) Send Unlimited Text, Image file as per messages cost.

Salient Features of WhatsApp bulk Sender Software:

1) No “cost per message”
2) Text/Image/Audio/Video Support
3) Delivery success rate 100%
4) Can Send message globally without any place restriction
5) No concept of DND or Non-DND

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Nowadays, more than 97% of people use the application like WhatsApp to send Messages. More than 70% of people prefer to use instant messaging over the traditional way of communication such as email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. So, it is now obvious to say that instant messaging application has taken over the industry. It now becomes a necessary need for every user to have an end to end conversation.

Best features of WhatsApp Web Panel:

1) You can upload numbers & content in the panel
2) You can view your campaign status on panel & on your mobile also
3) 90-98% Delivery Rate
4) Automatic WhatsApp filter before blasting in bulk WhatsApp number
5) Online Reporting from easy to use back-end panel.
6) Online single message testing- Test the panel in your number.
7) Get Free 5 credits on sign up for testing our panel.
8) You can send text, image, image+ text through the panel.

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WhatsApp marketing tool helps to deliver information promptly irrespective of distance and time. There are many companies which provide excellent services like bulk messages which take into account transactional and promotional messages, voice messages, short and long codes, but not the least the various free service. Pass on the Brief Points Quickly to your Customers for Using your Product Bulk WhatsApp sender messages contain the necessary information regarding the benefits of using the product or service. This type of message comes under the bulk message. Such messages are used in business sectors while selling a product or advertising a stuff. Bulk WhatsApp sender messages can be sent to a singular customer or can be sent to bulks at a time.

WhatsApp is Featured with:-
1. Customized sender ID.
2. Powerful APIs.
3. Dedicated speed for huge campaigns.
4. Full guarantee of delivery to activated numbers.
5. Sending the option of group SMS.
6. Maximum server uptime.

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Why WhatsApp Marketing?

“WhatsApp is the new SMS”. It is now the fastest-growing communication app with more than 700 million pictures and 100 million videos being shared on a daily basis. Having more than a million new user registrations every day, bulk WhatsApp marketing has become a powerful platform for sales and marketing.

About Us

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Company

LeadMyntra is one such WhatsApp Marketing Service Provider Company. We do not allow the users to come up with a single chance to complain.

The company came into existence in the year 2011 and since its inception, it helped its clients in the generation of potential leads for their businesses by Sending Bulk WhatsApp to their Potential Customer.

The company’s primary focus is on providing top quality Bulk WhatsApp Marketing so that maximum leads can be generated within a very short period of time.

We clearly understand how necessary potential leads are for the businesses to grow and develop which is the reason as to why we try our best to generate as many successful leads as possible through our Bulk WhatsApp Sender tools so that all our customers are completely satisfied.

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