WhatsApp Marketing Tools

Our generation has come a long way where any association does not have to rely on pamphlets and billboards for marketing the newly launched product or the services. But that has become less important for marketing purpose, So now marketer needs to find a new and effective way.


The solution is bulk WhatsApp Messages

With worldwide bulk WhatsApp sender, a company can reach its client wherever and whenever and that too with a very minimum cost. With just a text message the organization can get in touch with the client. A written message has always been advantageous for marketing as it has got a touch of personal connection between the company and the potential client.


International digital marketing has now become a distinct phenomenon and is a special area of research work. Many companies have a fixed amount of budget allocated only for bulk WhatsApp Marketing.


Choose the right Package

The  WhatsApp bulk sender service provider has structured a package and pricing plan with details of validities, rates, and benefits of each scheme. There are certain other factors which are also mentioned in this chart including the credit slab, developer API, technical support, plan updating process, etc.


Why WhatsApp Promotion is Better

There are a few reasons which make WhatsApp bulk messages a far better gateway as compared to the other types which are as mentioned below.

  • The ability to send messages to the DND numbers as well.
  • Delivering imperative information to the bulk of customers at a single time.
  • This type does not have any kind f time constraint.
  • Free API that can be integrated with the software.
  • Push delivery report option is accessible.

Some examples that will surely help to understand this type in a better way are: –

Promotional messages are sent with the aim of promoting, selling and advertising a product, service or an event. Whereas non-promotional or transactional messages are sent to the customers as an acknowledgement to the activities performed on applications or websites. Promotional messages are not delivered to the mobile numbers that are found in the DND register, whereas transactional ones can be sent even to those who have joined the TRAI DND group. But in WhatsApp message, we have the advantage that we can send any type of message to any number.


No Concept of Transactional and Promotional in bulk WhatsApp messages.


WhatsApp marketing tool with offers, discounts or coupons is considered as the promotional content which is quite different from the transactional messages. The bulk WhatsApp sender gives the most consistent approach to reach out to users around the globe. These services are enriched with influential texts or messages which augment the engagement through all mobile networks and securely and safely transfer the subject matter to the public.


While choosing a good service provider one must keep in mind the points like cost, delivery rate, bounce rate, delivery speed as well as the analytical capability. Lead Myntra is a market leader in this field at affordable cost. Connect us to buy now.