WhatsApp Web Panel

WhatsApp Web Panel

Do you remember that when you have used the text SMS to send the message? Research shows that more than 97% of people use the application like WhatsApp to send the SMS. More than 70% of people prefer to use instant messaging over the traditional way of communication such as email. So, it is now obvious to say that instant messaging application has taken over the industry. It now becomes a necessary need for every user to have an end to end conversation.


WhatsApp Web Panel Universal Features:

  • You can upload numbers & content in the panel
  • 90% Delivery Rate
  • Automatic WhatsApp filter before blasting in bulk WhatsApp number.
  • Online Reporting from easy to use back-end panel.
  • Online single message testing- Test the panel in your number.
  • Get Free 5 credits on sign up for testing our panel.
  • You can send text, images through the panel.
  • Last and best for huge promotion: We also offer reseller panel to our client with the capability to add unlimited users. A user also can resale the WhatsApp credit.


Let’s have a look at some important aspects that have increased the value of end to end development for WhatsApp Marketing Panel messaging apps.


Instant Messaging

This is the basic feature of bulk WhatsApp panel. Even though, the user is not logged in to the application they can get the notification of messages. Each and every chat messaging application holds this functionality. Some additional features can be to have public and private chats, custom fonts, emojis, mute chat etc. If we talk about other massaging apps, then it can do to a limited degree. However, you can take it beyond everyone’s imagination.

Real-Time Connectivity

Real-time connectivity is the main part of the WhatsApp Panel. Without any barrier, it should deliver in a second after sending it. This makes a user feel that they are closer to each other.

Multimedia File Transmission

Users generally love the ability to share different types of multimedia like pictures, videos, files, gifs, stickers etc. You can maximize the efficiency by allowing the cloud storage with your WhatsApp reseller panel.


This one is the foremost p most concern for any private application. The WhatsApp bulk web-based panel should keep the data of the user safely and securely. Due to the variety of malicious events, private data is now not secure. It gets viral among the public which is not acceptable at all. For this concern, you can invest in premium encryption technologies to protect your data.

Push Notification

This makes a user be active on the application by 24*7. A user gets the message alert whether they are not online. So, they could know if an emergency arises. They can customize the number of notifications to be received in an hour.

Quick Search

WhatsApp web panel allows doing a quick search for the conversation that has taken place long ago. This feature is important for both personal and professional life to manage the mandatory conversation. That is why the search option should be easy to find.


Best Price of our WhatsApp Panel (In USD)

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