WhatsApp Marketing Panel

Do you remember that when you have used the text SMS to send the message? Research shows that more than 97% of people use the application like WhatsApp to send the SMS. More than 70% of people prefer to use instant messaging over the traditional way of communication such as email. So, it is now obvious to say that instant messaging application has taken over the industry. It now becomes necessary need for every user ti have an end to end conversation.

Features of WhatsApp Marketing

Send Texts, Images and Videos in Bulk

You can send individual image, text messages and Videos to any particular WhatsApp number. You get option to upload the images and videos here.

Filter Groups

Our system allow t filter out which numbers are already on WhatsApp. Once, you upload the list of contacts by creating & uploading in an individual group, system filters the contacts & only shows those numbers which are already registered on WhatsApp. 


Our reporting system allows you to see how many messages that you uploaded for marketing are in progress, completed or whether system rejected.

Add Group and View Groups

This feature allows you to create a new group. You can view the groups which are already created in the system. And also see how many numbers are added in that particular group.

Add and Filter Contacts

You can add individual contact information into a particular group using this feature. You can see how many numbers were added into the system and how many numbers were filtered using our script out of total no. of numbers added.

Message History

This feature allows you to look into your account history. And have information about previous campaigns which were run under this particular account. 

Send Text, Images and Videos To Group

Our Panel allows you to send text WhatsApp messages, Images and Videos to list of contacts which are already uploaded in a particular group of contacts that you have in the system.

Import and View Contacts

This feature allows you to import your WhatsApp contacts in a particular group. Also you can view phone numbers which are there in the system under a particular group.

Reseller Level Options

Reseller account allows the resellers to manage there credit transfers, able to activate/deactivate user accounts, add/edit/delete credits from users under the reseller account.


WhatsApp Tools & Pricing

Whatsapp Marketing Prices: For India

10,000 ₹5,500
50,000 ₹11,000
1,00,000 ₹17,000

WhatsApp Marketing Prices. : For International

10K $200
50k $400
100k $550

Countries We Serve

WhatsApp Marketing in Dubai

As a business owner, If you are looking forward to the services of WhatsApp marketing in Dubai, then your search ends since Lead Myntra is here to take care of all your needs. Once you come to us, you can just sit back and relax and we will do the needful.

WhatsApp Marketing in Malaysia

WhatsApp Marketing in Malaysia is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies. This particular strategy is not only cost-effective in nature but also helps to yield successful results for the business at the same time. Read More

WhatsApp Marketing in South Africa

Being a business owner, you would certainly understand how important marketing for your business is and hence it should be given the necessary importance for your business to grow. Thus, if you are looking forward WhatsApp marketing in South Africa, do not hesitate to contact us. Read More

WhatsApp Bulk Marketing in UAE

Presently we are living in a world of modern technology which is advancing on a regular basis. Having a smartphone is quite common in the recent times and almost everyone of the smartphone owners uses the very popular application WhatsApp for the purpose of socialising with friends, family members and colleagues.

WhatsApp Marketing is Saudi Arabia

This is the main reason as to why we see WhatsApp marketing is Saudi Arabia has become extremely common and it is basically the need of the hour. To address all your WhatsApp marketing needs, Lead Myntra is here and hence you need to worry at all. Read More

WhatsApp Marketing in the USA

WhatsApp marketing in the USA is the most common form of digital marketing mode used by the business owners. Now, to help with all your need for WhatsApp advertising in the United States, Lead Myntra is here and you need not worry at all. Read More

WhatsApp Marketing Service in UK

If you are in search of WhatsApp marketing in UK, you wait is over since Lead Myntra is here to address all your needs. We understand how important marketing is as a part of the business and therefore we take enough care that all your needs are effectively met by us. Read More

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“We had been relying on the more traditional modes of marketing and advertising. We released our word out in the ether: on hoardings, in the papers, via emails. We also organized promotional events, but were nonplussed when the returns were less than the best. The team at Lead Myntra lead us into the actual marketplace. Now we are in real-time touch with our customers. We have now a growing consumer base.”

Jane Smith

Dev Lead, Divi Corner

“At our company, we had been concentrating on emails. Marketing by emails meant a reaction time of 2 whole days. Even then, we could hardly expect more than 20% of our customers to respond in time. At Lead Myntra we were introduced to real-time communications with clients, old and prospective. We were able to launch campaigns that engaged clients instantaneously. A lot of new customers bonded with our philosophy for the long term. There were no technical glitches. Thanks Lead Myntra!”

Dan Greene

IT Director, Monarch Inc.

“Lead Myntra has turned our campaigns on their heads. We were unsure of results before. Not so any more! With expert help, we have been able to reach not only whole new swathes of consumers, but also hook-up with them on a personal level. Every conversation in the marketplace  is now an opportunity.”

John Doe

CEO, Extra Space

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