People have used various messaging apps but the only messaging app which has won the hearts of billion people is the WhatsApp. In the present age, the famous messaging app is not just used for chatting and sharing images and videos. WhatsApp has turned out to be highly effective for the business owners. There are many brands which use WhatsApp for business reasons, promoting services and marketing campaigns. You too can make use of WhatsApp to promote your brand and enhance your business. Let us know how brands can be used in WhatsApp for marketing in the following lines.


Helps Communicate in One’s Own Language


No matter what your mother tongue is, if you are the user of Vodafone, then you can communicate via WhatsApp chats with the brand in your language. The purpose of the collaboration of Vodafone with WhatsApp is to allow the users to chat with the brand by choosing the language of their choice.


Purchase Products Through WhatsApp


Net-a-Porter is a renowned company that has decided to sell their products on the WhatsApp. Selling high-end products on WhatsApp is indeed a convenient medium of online shopping. You can see the products and ask any queries relating to the products then and there with the service provider on WhatsApp.


Take Recipes Directly from WhatsApp


Hellmann is well known for its mayonnaise brand abs has now introduced a recipe service where you can cook the recipes shown by the chefs on WhatsApp. Sounds exciting, right? All the company needs to have your contact numbers in order to make your chat with the chefs and seek information about the recipe you want to cook. What better than to have a one-on-one interaction with your clients about the recipe while they are experimenting with innovative culinary skills.


Enhance Your Festive Mood with Tips Over WhatsApp Group Discussions


The Agent Provocateur which is a renowned name in the business industry presented a campaign known as customer’s inboxes on Christmas. The motto of introducing this campaign is to enhance the mood of the customers by providing them Christmas tips, style suggestions and advice on WhatsApp. The customers can invite the representative of the company on WhatsApp and can obtain their answers in a group discussion.


Elevate the Power of Your Brand


The acclaimed brand, Absolut Vodka, which is well-known for presenting premium vodka decided to elevate the brand power by attracting its customers in a unique way. The brand asked the customers to purchase tickets for the launch event by sharing their creative pictures, voice calls and videos on WhatsApp. The best creative snaps and videos were selected and were invited in the launch party. This was the best customer-brand interaction happened on WhatsApp.


Incorporating WhatsApp could be highly effective for your brand. Use WhatsApp for marketing programs.

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