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Lead Myntra provides a bulk WhatsApp Panel at the best price for effective web marketing. Our technology platform takes advantage. There are more than a billion users of WhatsApp worldwide and Bulk WhatsApp Marketing is one the most effective way to increase business and generate leads. One of the advantages of WhatsApp Marketing through our WhatsApp web Panel is that it is more audience engagement than regular text SMS marketing and provides space for attachments of media files too. Our technology platform takes advantage of this unique social media app and turns it into a practical and effective web marketing tool.

Benefits of Bulk Whatsapp Web Panel

A Modern Marketing Tool For Lead Generation

A thoroughly engaging platform: Whatsapp users have a very high ratio of engagement with messages and one simple message can be read by 100s of people in form of a WhatsApp story, status, or group message.

Aesthetically pleasing: The graphic interface of WhatsApp allows it to have beautiful graphics and well-written product descriptions along with marketing messages.

Connecting People:  The sheer size of the WhatsApp panel allows it to spread marketing campaigns to thousands of people in a fraction of seconds!

Our Uniqueness

Everything You’ll Need

Affordable & Reliable Panel

It’s a bang for every buck

Targeted Campaign

Advertise on target audience

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No Hidden Cost or Charges

There are no hidden or extra charges

Engage with thousands of people WorldWide through Bulk WhatsApp Panel!

Relaying Marketing Campaign: Through our WhatsApp Panel, you can engage with a massive group of target customers instantly at your preferred time and place. This is a necessity when a new product/scheme is being launched or a new business is opened.

File Attachment: Being able to send file attached along with mail is a powerful tool which not only makes your marketing text more engaging but also you can give details of anything related to your business. You can send media to file audio files, pdf, image files, etc, and also tag a location, QR code, or contact information with it. The cherry on the top is that we also provide assistance to you in preparing your marketing campaign too!

Location-Based WhatsApp Marketing: Whatsapp panel has the advantage of being associated with GPS, thus it can be easily managed according to the required location. You can select your target audience based on location and make your marketing campaign more effective. Just like location, you can even modify your target audience based on demography too. So you can reach a particular niche of people like students, office workers, and urban/rural people or age-wise different groups. This makes your marketing campaigns more effective. For example study materials, food restaurants, shopping, etc are targeted at a younger audience.

Why Leadmyntra WhatsApp Web Panel ?

Capable to deliver every kind of campaign

  • Retail businesses
  • Mom and pop stores
  • Hotel and Restaurant
  • Business services and events
  • Stocks, finance and insurance schemes
  • Exhiibitions and auctions
  • Educational events
  • Travels, tours and holidays
  • Property market and rentals

Millions of Users

There are several millions of users in India which is a sure shot to success of your marketing campaign

Higher rate of Audience

What make whastapp superior to Bulk SMS and emails are audience engagement rates


We will provide real time report of each phase of your marketing which is receiver, Time and date, engagement status and reply.

Social Integration

You can allow users to post the same information on multiple social media platform. By including other social media platforms on your instant messaging application, you are allowing people to share their information worldwide on the different platform.

Platform Generated Contents

You can use our services to create unique marketing content and we will also deliver it whatsapp users too. We send huge bulk of text; image, and video, multimedia files etc directly to targeted audience and give you all the analytics of it as per demand. We always emphasize on creating unique contents rather than plagiarized it. This is specifically developed for first time users or those who are not very much acquainted with this kind of technology platform. All of our services are just one call or text away!


Unaware people often falls victim to their identity being stolen or accidently losing huge list of client to competitive businesses. Customer privacy is our priority. We make sure that personal data of customers are kept safe and secure and files are scanned for their possible malicious contents.

DIY (Do it yourself) services

Our technology platform allows it to be used by those who have expertise whatsapp marketing too! You can create your own unique advertising or marketing content and we will do the rest. We provide the necessary tool for you to help creating such content. You can also choose to do the entire thing by yourself too. All you have to do is register yourself and unique user id will be generated. You can just log in with your own unique password and create as well as make your campaign viral by yourself. Even after that if you are stuck anywhere? We are always ready to help.

Advantages of Bulk WhatsApp Web Panel

  • Fastest and reliable
  • More than 1000 Trusted Clients Worldwide
  • Targeted marketing for lead generation
  • Ultrafast response and instant viral
  • Indirectly free marketing via WhatsApp status and WhatsApp stories
  • Capacity to carry links, image and multimedia files
  • Video message and promotional clips
  • Tracking your campaign
  • Engagement reports
  • Easy to build a campaign and optimized to go viral and many more
  • 24 X 7 Quality Customer Support

whatsapp marketing service

We provide best whatsapp marketing service out there and our motto is helping business grow with community participation and positive marketing. We assist you on every steps of your campaign or provide you full freedom to utilize our platform for marketing by yourself in the way you want. We highly recommend you to give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

Real time tracking

You can track your campaign in real time and review its efficiency. This is of extreme importance when you are opening new business and just started marketing for it.

Push Notification

This makes a user be active on the application by 24*7. A user gets the message alert whether they are not online. So, they could know if an emergency arises. They can customize the number of notifications to be received in an hour.

How to use our platform

Our entire business module is flexible, thus more approachable and user friendly for new customers. Whether it is major changes required in short time or last minute changes, we support in all. You can use our platform by following ways-