Whatsapp marketing services help to built business,When it comes to social media whatsapp marketing people tend to think of traditional platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But for some years the messaging apps are also gaining their speed towards the popularity in business building. It might be there are some active users in a month but the count is increasing day by day.

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It’s becoming clear that businesses cannot ignore the messaging apps like whatsapp bulk sms, anymore. Other than its vast growing users, these applications provide two main functionalities that traditional platforms do not take note of, and this is authenticity and personalization. Business is done by building relationships in several places, and keeping that in mind it’s easy to reach out to people to conduct business through the messaging apps. Here, WhatsApp is the biggest platform, which is helping the brands to grow.

WhatsApp is unique in its own ways. There are over 1.5 billion users on this very platform, and the number is still increasing. So, before you start getting the idea of your whatsapp marketing, you must know the entire matter about the app and marketing with it.

Get to know whatsapp marketing

whatsapp marketing

So many people these days regarding the best bulk whatsapp marketing panel for their business, and even novices are trying to peek into the system. For them, this is a free mobile app that uses your phone’s internet or data connection and allows you to chat with another user of WhatsApp. This is done without any kind of SMS charges. The app also allows you to share images and files and supports free of cost video and voice calls.

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This is popular for supporting a wide array of phones especially for those places where SMS charges are high like Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil and so on. In these places, 60% of people use this app. Also, WhatsApp is the most popular alternative to SMS in over 109 countries. So, you see its 55.6% in the world.

Recently Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion in February 2014, but it has been operating as a single app since then, also it does not have the same marketing features like Messenger from Facebook has.

Usage of WhatsApp

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WhatsApp can work as a best bulk whatsapp provider, and so many people have gotten used to this part of the app. Other than that, there are different users in the world.
At least 5 billion people use WhatsApp in 180 countries
WhatsApp daily has 500 million users on an everyday basis
India is the largest market for this app and has 400 million users. While Brazil is the second biggest with 120 million users of WhatsApp.
At least 3 million companies use WhatsApp.
The open rate of WhatsApp is more than 70 percent and the best whatsapp marketing tool too

Marketing strategies with WhatsApp

whatsapp marketing

This app is a great platform for your new or old business, as it gives you the opportunity of bulk whatsapp. Although there are some limitations, as the app doesn’t allow ads, also it does not have the business concept. This indicates that the brands have to be creative to bring their news to people.
Also, the group chat limitation makes it a weak choice for big campaigns, as you have to stay constricted within 256 people at a time.
You can check out some tips while running a campaign on WhatsApp

Customer chats in real-time

You can go the importance of bulk whatsapp marketing tool and get the real-time chat with your customers. You will get several features like video and voice calls and chat, these you can use to provide support to your customers. Also, this is not the only perk of WhatsApp, but it makes sure that you can give your customers a personalized and direct solution.

Only customer service isn’t the goal of WhatsApp, you can use this app to take orders from customers, and can provide them special discounts as well. It’s also a good idea to optimize your services through whatsapp panel. You can use your PC’s webcam and keyboard to give undivided attention and support to your customers and clients.

Utilize the features of WhatsApp

This app is equipped with various features like bulk whatsapp sender can use them profusely and get the benefits of it. You can put your own status which will upload the posts that disappear after 24 hours. You can go with this feature if you do not want to approach aggressively in this platform. It will allow you to provide flash sales offers to potential customers. For example, you can ask them to keep a screenshot of the QR code you have put in the story, and show that in the store to get a discount whenever they purchase something.

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Other than this, you can share your location, in the status, so when your customers have a query about your store, they can get it from the story. You can directly ask them to check the address in the status, and they will be able to find your location on Google Maps easily.

Also, WhatsApp has payment facilities, and it lets you receive and send money through the usage of UPI. The moment you see the payment part with the whatsapp panel provider services or the app itself, it will ask you to set the code that you have in the form of UPI, and by this, you can receive the money or send refunds to your customers. This will work if the consumer has a WhatsApp and the payment part set too.

Attractive messages

With this, you will get bulk whatsapp web panel and various formatting options. You can use the bold or italicize options to your texts and in the status, or change the templates if you are looking for something catchy. For italicizing of texts – you can place it between the underscores, and for the bold part put asterisks at both sides of the texts. These changes will make the text more appealing. You can make these enhance in between your text message to make your customers understand the part you want to emphasize.

Also, you have to keep in mind that you can go berserk with the use of emojis and GIFs. Make wise use of images and videos to keep up with the texts. This will make your statement clear to the customer and make it attractive too. This will help you express your purpose too.

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However, if you think spamming your customers with whatsapp sms panel using, emojis, GIFs, images and videos are right, you must refrain from it. You must not go with repetitive messages, and try to convey your purpose in a single text. Keep the big sentences into separate paragraphs to make it understandable and for the easy reading of people too. This will show the professional part of your and the text will be interesting to read as well.

The reasons to use WhatsApp for business

The newly acquired by the Facebook app is web based whatsapp marketing panel. For this is it’s the best reason to use a business platform. Over 60 billion people send messages through WhatsApp, and that is daily. It’s no surprise for the business bodies to notice that people are interested in doing their business marketing through WhatsApp, or get news of the same with the app. According to the Survey of Nielsen’s Facebook messaging, it has been found out that 67% of message app users that they expect more approaches from businesses through WhatsApp chat. This study has been found in two years.

Other than this 53% of the survey takers said that they would like to shop from the business that can send them direct messages. If your business is for younger people’s needs, they are most comfortable in messaging their day to day queries and communications. In research, it has been shown that 42% of smartphone users are from the ages 18 to 29 years old. They mostly use WhatsApp.

Additionally, messaging apps like WhatsApp have increased rate of engagement: You will see, 98% of mobile texts are opened and read. Then, 90% opened within the 3 seconds of the text being received. WhatsApp is the only way to share content through dark social. This is the term to describe when content is shared through private channels like chat apps, and emails, and its not like open to public Facebook.


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WhatsApp business app

The app goes through the whatsapp bulk message, with the help of a business version, which has is a newly launched type. It’s only available for Android users now, and it has all the features as the normal one with some few extra, such as,

The profile: On this business version of WhatsApp, you can set up your business profile for your brand. You can go for adding information, a small description of yourself, email ID, physical address and so on. You can also get to set up this app features with the help of a provider and get to know whatsapp bulk message price.

Labels: You will also be able to add labels to the various active chats. For instance, you can tag a chat as the new customers, or mark some with the order received, the refund part and so on. To cope with the requests of your customers you can create your own labels. You can also get this from whatsapp bulk panel help.

Fast replies: This helps you to save time when you already get the words pre-typed in the texts. You can save the thank you for choosing us and other words to type the next text.
Away texts: You can also set up an away message on WhatsApp, and turn them when you are not ready to respond. You just have to create the text and let your consumers know when they can expect a reply.

Statistics: You will get a few statistics just because you have opened the business app. You will get the statistics of how many of your messages were read and the people who are interested to chat with you.

Greetings: You can set up greeting messages to start a chat with customers, and introduce your brand to them. You can let them know the things you provide and when you will be available for the chat.

Tips on WhatsApp marketing strategies

whatsapp marketing

In the whatsapp marketing campaign, you will find that the app doesn’t give you ad space nor it has business supportive features, you have to be innovative in your approach to customers. If you want to make a marketing strategy with WhatsApp, you have to build it strong compared to other messaging apps.

Create a brand persona

You have to build your brand persona by using whatsapp marketing services, and this will help you get increased customers, who want to engage with you through this app. Your first goal will be to attract customers, and that can be done by providing the best offers and discounts. You can add videos, images, and GIFs to describe the type of business and products you want to sell, and if the person is interested they can grab it as soon as possible. You can go for the limited edition deal, which will attract more target customers.

Offer better customer service

While doing business with WhatsApp you will require to help your customers with their queries. Normally when you have a site of your brand, you have to approach your customers through formal ways of resolution. But with WhatsApp, you can break the barrier between seller and consumer, and give better, a personalized resolution to the customers through the messaging app. You can even teach your consumers how to use the product by videos, and pictures.

All of these will result in thousands of participants in the whatsapp web message campaign. You will get lots of sales and recommendations from customers as they are happy with your services.

Discreet services

If you have high-value customers and they want to have discreet purchases, you can provide the same with WhatsApp. Customers can ask you to retain their privacy, and you as a business person can abide by the request. This thing is one of the best features of WhatsApp.

Bottom line

you already know that WhatsApp isn’t that effective as a Facebook Messenger for marketing, but you can always ask a provider for whatsapp web panel price, and get the best rates. Also, you will get a better ROI from the unique features of the app, and if you become innovative in your marketing strategies with WhatsApp, your customer numbers will grow for sure.

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