How do you keep in contact with your friends? Are you still using that basic SMSs technique or you have moved on with the technology? As the world is evolving every day, almost everyone has found a better way of communicating with each other. Whether it’s for personal cause or business necessity. In the older days, there was only one way to communicate with others, and that was face to face. Nowadays, you don’t even have to think much, and you will get the answer from your smartphone.

Your mobile device is the first thing that connects you with so many people. Then, there are messaging apps, like messenger, Best bulk whatsapp provider, and so many others. The best one in the herd which is the favorite of individuals and business use is WhatsApp. This app is a most beneficial messaging device, through which you can not only send texts, but videos, links, images, GIFs, and so many other multimedia items. This is the main reason;WhatsApp has become one of the best tools for businesses and their marketing strategies. Companies are getting more responses from their potential customers and clients too. The business industry has got a new light with the help of WhatsApp. So, if you have a business, and you want to reach out to your customers, then, you need to know some important things on WhatsApp and its marketing strategy.


What is WhatsApp


This is a free mobile app that works with your phone’s data or internet to let you chat and send messages to anyone. The call or SMSs are free of charge, and you can also share images, files, videos, do video calls too. WhatsApp supports ranges of mobiles and other devices. This is popular in the places where SMS charges are high like Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico and so on. In these countries 60% of the population uses WhatsApp. Other than this is the most well-known alternative to SMS services so, in 109 countries this is the most used app, and by now 55.6% of people use the same.

whatsapp marketing tool

As Facebook has acquired WhatsApp in February 2014, it’s still working as a separate entity, and it isn’t that marketing-friendly like Facebook. But it’s still effective as so many people love to get personalized offers through text services. This is the reason businesses are getting the same from the best bulk whatsapp provider, so they can reach out to more people.

How to use WhatsApp

This app has different versions for Android, iOS, Nokia, and Windows phones. You will also get a web service for this app. So, you understand that it has a versatile usage. For the web one, you must have a connection with your mobile, because the app is tied to your phone number. After you download WhatsApp, you must confirm the country you live in, add your telephone number. Then, you need to go for setting your profile with a photo, or you can import images from Facebook, add a bio and other things. All of these things you can personalize later.

whatsapp marketing services

whatsapp marketing services

As WhatsApp uses your phone number it shows the contact list to you, especially the people who are using the app, will be in the directory. If anyone has your phone number, they can see your name on the list, unless you change the setting in your app. You can also send whatsapp web message to the people on the list.

You will get three methods to share your messages, videos, and images. They are,


  • Broadcast list


The moment you send a broadcast message it will go to everyone who has your phone number on their phone. They will see it as a normal text, and it’s similar to the BCC function you get in the email. When they reply it will be normal, and in the form of one to one manner on the chat display. Also, the replies will be sent to you only, and not others. The broadcast message is limited to only 256 numbers. You can use this type of message for whatsapp marketing. It is a better way to communicate with your clients and customers.

  • One to one chat

Similar to other chat programs, you can use this app to directly text someone who is in your phone contact list. You can call or video calls them, and record the snippets from any text or audio file, and send it to them.

  • Group messaging

You can create a group in WhatsApp and can chat with at least 256 people at once. You can share your messages, videos, images, GIFs, stickers into the group. This will be visible to everyone in there, and the people in the group can respond to that.

What is the use of WhatsApp in business

The best reason to use WhatsApp in business is that you can approach your customers in a better and effective way. With the help of whatsapp bulk sms, you can send more than 60 billion messages to people every day.

The users of WhatsApp are getting the services to engage in business, and to gain profits from it. From the survey of Neilson’s, 67% mobile message app users expect more efficient chatting ability for business, and the demand has increased just in two years. Additionally, 53% say they would love to shop with a business if they receive direct messages from the shop. If you have young customers, they would love to get business approaches in the form of texts. In the Pew research study, it has been found that 42% of owners of smartphones ranging from the age of 18 to 29 years old, and they use apps like WhatsApp. If you compare this range you will find 19% of people who use normal phone text messages are 50 years old or over. This messaging app has high rates of engagement, as 98% of the messages are opened and read too. Among them, 90% of people open and read the texts within 3 seconds of receiving the same.

bulk whatsapp

bulk whatsapp

WhatsApp is also the only key gateway to dark social, which is the private sharing of content to others. Other than Facebook, whatsapp bulk sms is best for not only business but when you need to go through the private channels, it’s the most useful one. At least 84% of people now go with private channels like text apps. So, when you are not using this thing for the marketing of your business, your prospects are using the same to increase your reach to people.

WhatsApp marketing strategies

As you will not be able to sell space for ads or add any feature for business in WhatsApp, you need to be very innovative in your approach. You can go for whatsapp marketing campaign, and add this with the general messaging strategies. Also, there are some limitations when you are planning your marketing list with this app, and that’s because there is no business account option with WhatsApp. So, you will face the limitations, but you have to learn how to overcome them. You already know that the app is tied to your phone number, and you can only send texts to 256 people altogether, this doesn’t give you a good choice for marketing always. So, your chances are higher, when you use these limitations in your favor.

best bulk whatsapp provider

best bulk whatsapp provider

You need to keep in mind that like other messaging apps, WhatsApp is tied with your phone number, so when you message someone it will be more personal, that using the messaging services from your computer. Also, the texts you send via this app, are not shared and you can carry it anywhere you go. So, any marketing campaign you go for it must respect and reflect the personal aspect. This is also the case because people use this app to interact with friends and family members, so creativity should be the priority. Some of the best instances of these campaigns are in places like South America. So, what are the strategies you should follow with the WhatsApp marketing campaign? Let’s check the tips.


  • Offer a good value


With the help of whatsapp bulk message, you can offer a great value to your customers. It can be a discount, offer of buying one get one free, or something else. You can make the same a bit personal like, only for you, deal for today only and so on. You can go for a promotion and free item, and similar information to the consumers. If you want to build your brand, then you can share some important videos, texts like a cooking link, an instruction to use a product, or any other useful message. This will get you a better list of interested people. You will be able to build the database for your company, and in the future, you can send your ideas, and promotion deals with them.

whatsapp marketing tool

You just need to design the promotion perfectly, so the user does not turn away seeing its bland representation. You need to send the redeem links for the offers. This will build a good relationship with them.

  • Send free contents

You need to offer free content to your potential customers. You can make a group of consumers, and send the same in there. This will build credibility with them. You can start with a small group of 5 to 10 people. Then, as you start to offer the contents, the group member will increase in numbers. Here, also other people share their resources and you will get a huge database of WhatsApp users for your business. This is another helpful side of using bulk whatsapp, where you can get connected with so many people at the same time.

whatsapp bulk sms

  • Faster customer service


You must know that WhatsApp has a 70% open rate, so, you won’t have to worry if your messages have been received or read by the customers. You will be able to reach out to the customers in a better way if they have this app installed in their calling or any other device they use. Taking the leverage of that you can enhance your customer service in a better way. In so many banks this thing is conducted for their customers. You can follow the same for your business as well. Also, to provide an effective service you need to provide proper resources to handle the queries of the customers. With whatsapp marketing services, you will understand the nitty-gritty of it. You just have to be responsive to the queries of the clients and customers. You must not let your consumers wait a long time to get the support or resolution. You can hire a dedicated person to handle this WhatsApp customer service as part of your company.

  • Research customers

You need to research your customers before you get the idea about whatsapp bulk message price. This will help you gain more contacts and the ones that are interested in your products. You can ask the customer about the things they like food, clothes, or any other item you sell. You can send a short survey to WhatsApp users, and take information from the same. This way you will understand the number of people has an interest in your product and the ones who expressed other interests. You can add quizzes, to get answers from them too.


You just keep in mind that, you must not spam the customers with your WhatsApp messages. Instead of that, you can use customer service, great value, and content exchange. These will help you get more leads.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Marketing?

There are so many benefits attached with WhatsApp marketing. Here check the points, and all of them will help you implement the same in your business.

  • Better engagement

This app is known for its huge engagement opportunities. Customers get highly interested when you approach them through WhatsApp messages. You can take feedbacks for your service through it, send offers and share content with important information through this service. With the help of whatsapp marketing tool, you can reach out to more and more people every day. They will be very pleased to get an approach from you in a personal way. This will surely ensure a better marketing strategy and your efforts will be returned by ROI.

  • Services in real-time

The main thing about this type of marketing is you get to do it in real-time. You can provide answers to the queries to your customers in the same way. You can approach your consumers through voice or video calls so that they realize that you are a genuine person. Also, your messages will be received and read in 3 seconds when the person is interested in the offers you make. Then, the faster service of WhatsApp makes the customer interaction part easier than before.

  • Solve issues

With WhatsApp marketing, you can be more responsive to your customers, as you can answer all of their queries, and both of you get to see the messages are received and read too. You can solve customer questions and give resolutions to issues they are facing. This will build trust with you and the person you are interacting with.

whatsapp marketing

  • Better offers

You can make more offers and send the promotions you are having in your company to the customers. This will always be a personal approach to the customers and they will be willing to give a positive response. You can add your business name, website, description, and profile into the message, and this will verify your authenticity to the customer.

  • Mobile-friendly approach

When you are sending WhatsApp messages to anyone they are receiving it in their mobile and other handheld devices. So, as you know that mobile-friendly approaches in business go a long way, you will surely get better benefits with WhatsApp. You will get a prompt reply and queries from the customers. Also, if you have made any good offer, your text will be circulated to others from that one customer you have sent the message.

How to find a good WhatsApp marketing service provider

There are so many agencies that provide WhatsApp marketing services. You just need to find the one that suits your budget and requirements. Here check the tips.


  • Look for a higher reach

You need to look for a bulk whatsapp sender, who has a higher reach. This means they segregate the sectors so that when you send messages it goes to a particular group of people. Also, the texts will go to potential users only.


  • Better designs of messages

Look for the provider who can give you better designs for WhatsApp messages. This way you will be able to attract more customers, and the provider will help you with this.


  • Better research

You must look for a provider who will research the potential customers for you. They will identify consumers who relate to your products only. This will help you send messages to only interested and target customers. Also, this way you will be able to get better ROI.


  • Different formats of media

Choose an agency that offers you different media formats for WhatsApp texting. You have to look for the one that provides you ads with videos, images, and other things.


  • Performance tracking

If the agency offers you performance tracking then you must shortlist the same. They will give you reports on delivered, received and sent text messages. This will help you identify which sector of your business has succeeded.


Lastly, you need to look for a budget package. This is because when you are a small business and want to go for a bulk whatsapp marketing tool and Best bulk whatsapp provider, you need to take care of your overall budget too. Checking your capability will be the best thing in this place.


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