Whatsapp is a well known social media platform for android and windows phone and device users. This platform is used to connect to people from different parts of the world. Whatsapp Bulk sms  is used to connect to people personally.

The biggest advantage of whatsapp is it allows you to send images, GIFs, video clips and text messages to connect to other people. Therefore, it is well used by users who want to connect to people from different parts of the world.

So, uit is clear that whatsapp is used by people from all around the world who have diverse attitudes and interests. So, this platform can be easily used by marketers to connect to their customers and clients. It is very much popular among companies and brands for marketing purposes and they call it whatsapp marketing. The brands use whatsapp to connect to their existing and potential clients and send them information about the products and services through whatsapp. Whatsapp marketing is the new age version of telemarketing and sms marketing.

Whatsapp Bulk sms

The brands use whatsapp bulk sms to connect to their clients. That means they send sms and texts to thousands of people at the same time.

 What are the benefits of whatsapp bulk sms marketing

There are many benefits of the sms marketing.

 Versatile method

The main benefit is its versatile method. You are not limited to only text messages. You can send video clips, text messages and images through whatsapp to your receivers. So, you can provide them a clear glimpse of the service or product you can offer to them. It makes the content engaging and the audiences are attracted towards the campaigner.

Easy to use

Another benefit of whatsapp bulk message  is that it is very much easy to use. And you do not need to worry about the receiving status because you get an instant report of the message delivery to check if it was sent or not. Besides that, you also get notified when your audiences open and read your message

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WhatsApp Provides Better Customer Communication

For any kind of business the communication with the customer is the most important thing .Whatsapp provides a better communication procedure with its customers who are interested in using it as a business purpose. Whatsapp also customize their features which are very catchy and customer friendly.

Various companies use the whatsapp bulk messages containing videos and pictures and sometimes thousands of texts through which customers easily make a scene with this respected company.  Loyal customers are also important and the companies pay more attention to them. If there is any quarry the customers can easily ask it in WhatSApp and the company gives their reply in time. Through the whatsapp marketing the customers easily send their interesting thoughts , videos and pictures to the company which becomes so exciting for a new partnership in business.

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The Best Way for Advertisements and   Promoting Business is Whasapp

Whatsapp is the new generation technology which can be used to promote the online business with new varieties of products. We can apply offers which appear to be more reasonable and are catchy for customers. Whatsapp marketing is just like other marketing where we can use advertisements, offers usually seen or heard in television or radios. But it is very easy to do and easy to spread the product to others , and as a result some can easily catch the market .

Make a Good Knowledge About the Marketing with Whatsapp

In the tech-world, whatsapp is a good bulk whatsapp marketing tool for new products, offers, discounts. The short and compact description about your products with proper guiding videos and images may help you for better marketing and if someone applies creative e-brochures of your company then you get easy popularity and demand for your product in the international and national market. And the most important thing is you can apply your this method in television and radio also for a great marketing and start up.

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Make a Good Team with Creative Workers

A good team is very important for a business set up and it also may help to promote your product. You may discuss your ideas with your team through whatsapp and make more interesting and futuristic changes in your product for long term demand and use. You can talk with your employees and listen to their issues about the product and you can create groups and discuss your next move . You can give them other assignments and plans easily with a proper deadline.

Establish a Good Position for your Brand

You have to be aware of your customer’s needs. You have to properly listen to them what they actually want from you so be careful while dealing or communicating with your clients personally and give a satisfying reply to them. Through whatsapp web message you can connect with your clients and pass various other facts which make a better understanding between them.

Mobile CRM is the Best Way for Assistance

Mobile CRM is a very simple way to send whatsapp bulk message to your team members along with many vital information like current customer demand , feedback , changes, plans, product price , offers  etc. Mobile CRM is a free messaging platform which is very effective for business , customer – company relationships and good close interaction with employees for your small , medium size of company intelligence.

Whatsapp is free

This application is free of cost, So, you do not need to spend a lot of money for a whatsapp web message. It is an effective marketing tool that is affordable, reasonable and can be customized.

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How to use Whatsapp bulk messages?

Whatsapp has two versions. The first one is whatsapp personal, which can be used for personal chatting and messaging. This app platform also has its business version called whatsapp business. This business version is specially designed for the business owners and brands to promote them. SO, if you want to send whatsapp bulk sms then it is better to use whatsapp business. This is because;whatsapp business allows you to set up a brand image with a dedicated profile picture, business hours, contact details and business details. This helps to build a complete brand image in whatsapp.

Now, if you want to use whatsapp as a marketing tool, you need to send message to thousands of people at the same time. So, using bulk messaging system is great. But, whatsapp does not allow you to send bulk messages even on business platforms directly. So, you need to use bulk whatsapp sender websites or softwares for this purpose.

There are many platforms in the world that can be used in this case. But, it is better to use pidsoftwares for secured sending. These providers have special softwares that can help you to send bulk texts and images through whatsapp marketing tool.

These providers have specialized tools and systems and softwares that allow you to send custom texts without any problem. They also offer other services like real time data tracking, customer feedback, updated software etc.

 Why choose a whatsapp bulk sms provider?

It is clear that a reputed and known bulk whatsapp sender is helpful if you want to start advertising and marketing through whatsapp. But, why should you choose them? And what are the benefits of using such providers?

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Read till the end to fnd answers.

  • This is the main point. Sending bulk messages directly from whatsapp is illegal and you may be banned for doing it. But, the softwarews is legal and they allow you to send messages without getting banned from whatsapp.
  • You get to customize your texts and messages
  • You may need to customize your texts and messages if you want to reach every audience. And whatsapp marketing tool allows you to customize your whatsapp message and texts and add images or videos that are in line with your campaigning. Additionally, you can also choose the language of the texts to attract regional audiences or audiences who speak a different language. This allows you to reach a global audience and develop customized campaigning strategy.
  • Contact of targeted audiences
  • Some providers also provide contacts of your targeted audience based on your products or service or the needs of people. That means, you can have a list of potential audience contacts who can become your trusted clients through careful approach. Hence, you do not need to work hard to find contacts. These providers will do the job for you so that your company can invest more time and manpower in campaigning and production. Additionally, you can also import contacts and view the details of the contacts to know more and make groups with these contacts.
  • Filter contacts that are already in your list
  • The software comes with their own unique features. That means they allow you to send messages to new contacts by filtering out our existing contacts. You can upload the existing contact details in the software and it will automatically do its job.
  • Special marketing campaign
  • The biggest advantage of bulk whatsapp marketing tool is that it can customize campaigns for targeted audiences and also for your existing clients separately. You can design spate messages to inform your latest ventures to your clients and ask them to invest more or you may also ask new people to join your client list.
  • Group customization options
  • Whatsapp marketing services allow the users to customize groups with their contacts. These softwares allow them to add contacts or remove contacts from their groups and customize the groups and view details as per their demand.
  • Real time reports
  • The whatsapp bulk sms software allows the advertiser to see reports regarding their messages. These reports have data about sent messages, read messages, completed status and other real time data so that they can decide if the campaign is successful or needs to be modified. You can also see the account history of your whatsapp business profile to check how many texts you have sent or about the previous advertisements for a better understanding of your business.
  • Special reseller accounts
  • Some providers also offer curated reseller accounts for their client. These accounts are designed for the resellers who sell products to clients in the retail industry. You can add accounts or remove accounts, banking details, credits or credit history from your whatsapp profile easily. Additionally, these reseller accounts also allow the retailers to design effective advertisements and send special messages through whatsapp.


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Some tips to make whatsapp marketing a grand success-

Whatsapp marketing is now a well-known and well-used marketing strategy. So, it is clear that more and more brands and service providers are using it. But, if you want to use it perfectly to gain more traffic and clients for your brand, then you need to use strategies and some points. This is extremely important. A brand needs to stand out among its competitor through innovative Bulk whatsapp campaigns. But without any strategy a brand may not be successful.

  • Make sure to create an engaging broadcast list
  • Whatsapp has a special feature named bracast list. It allows anyone to design unique one-way communication with their clients and audiences. SO, you can send messages and invitations to them without any problem.
  • Group chat is also a great thing.
  • The group chat thing is another way for an effective whatsapp marketing campaign. A company can design interactive por one way groups with their existing clients to communicate with them. This way client can reach and ask for help from the campaigner if they are interested in some services.
  • Use whatsapp as a customer support platform
  • whatsapp is not all; about marketing. It can also be used as a tool to connect to your existing customers without any problem.Whatsapp works great as the customer helpline because it is easily accessible and your customers can reach you without any problem.
  • Promotions are great
  • Whatsapp promotions are really great. You can customize the content and allow you to promote your brand image and establish your brand without much difficulty.
  • The cross platform idea is great
  • Whatsapp is a cross-platform that can be used to reach people who are not even in your social media handle. So, it allows you to divert traffic to your site and allow more people to engage with your brand freely.
  • Check what your audience wants
  • Thus should be your top priority if you want to become a successful marketer who advertises using whatsapp bulk message platform. You need to take care and nte what your audiences want. This is important because you need to cater their demands and design a campaign strategy that attracts their attention and they believe you understand their demands. This process also helps you to get information about your audiences properly and update your audience database.
  • Always allow the audience to opt out
  • You are basically cold calling through bulk whatsapp texts. So, if the audience feels they do not need to consider your service you need to be polite enough. Hence, you should keep an arrangement that unwilling contacts can opt-out from your text alerts and campaigns.


whatsapp bulk message price

 Some tips on choosing the right bulk whatsapp messaging provider-

So, now you know the importance of whatsapp bulk message  providers who offer softwares and tools so that you can send bulk messages through whatsapp. Butm choosing the right provider may not be easy. Here are some tips that you may use-

  • Go for a trusted company
  • This is one of the most important and main points that you need to consider. If you want to design a proper campaign through whatsapp then try to choose a well-known and reputed bulk sms provider agency. These providers have been in the market for a long time and understand what the advertisers want. So, they design special plans that are great for any advertiser. Additionally they offer reliable service at reasonable pricing.
  • Check if they have customized plans
  • Since you will be using whatsapp bulk messages you need to check the pricing details of the providers. A provider may have different packages that have different features. You need to check if they have the right package for you. Additionally, it is better if they allow you to customize plas and services to suit your requirements.
  • Check their pricing
  • The price rate is important here. Although whatsapp marketing does not cost a bomb, it may have different rates. Different providers offer distinct services at different prices. It is better to check a few operators and their prices before choosing one. The price should be equal to the services that you are being offered.
  • Customer support is important also
  • You are using WhatsApp for marketing. There can be situations where you may need assistance. So, you need to check if a provider has a reliable support system that is ready to help you in need.

These are all the things you should know about Whatsapp bulk sms marketing. You can always contact us if you want to engage in a meaningful advertising campaign from us using Whatsapp.


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