When you think about engaging your business with a marketing channel, then you will most probably think about the several social media platforms.  And Whatsapp is just one of them. Whatsapp is amobile application that is text based and also its text opening rate is around 98%. This is one of the reasons why Whatsapp marketing services is becoming such a popular marketing tool today.

What is Whatsapp?

As already said above, Whatsapp is a mobile application. It mainly enables you to send text messages to anyone for free. It was created in the year 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Since then, it became the fastest company to reach 450 million users ever. And over the passing years, it has shown a tremendous growth not only for sending text messages but also for sending images, your live location, voice messages, documents, GIF’s and videos. You can also do video and voice calls over the Whatsapp. Today, Whatsapp web message has become the most popular and essential messaging application all over the globe.

Whatsapp Marketing Services

Developing Whatsapp for business purposes

Today, all of you are aware of digital marketing and how much importance it has over a business. In order to make your products and services available to your target customers you need a marketing tool to promote it. With the development in technology, even marketing tools are getting advanced these days. As far as Whatsapp is concerned, even this is becoming a popular marketing tool for any business.

Noticing such an extensive target base, several businesses are now realizing that the power of this marketing serviceis really strong. In fact these businesses are already looking for experts who are able to design and implement some of the best and effective Whatsapp Marketing Campaign Strategies. You have the five most effective steps by which you can develop Whatsapp for marketing purpose.

whatsapp marketing services

  1. It is important to know why does your business need Whatsapp marketing

In order to get clear ideas about Whatsapp marketing, the basic thing that you need to know is, what is Whatsapp marketing, how does it work and what is it capable of doing?  You already know Whatsapp is a mobile application that allows texting messages for free. This application uses the internet of your mobile and also enables you to share images, videos or any other files to the other Whatsapp users.

Now the reason as to why the businesses should use Whatsapp marketing services? They should use it because of its interactive nature, power, great convenience, effective applicability and personal touch. Just remember that Whatsapp is a really popular and alternative method of texting all over the globe. In one day, more than 50 billion texts are sent using Whatsapp. Just like the other social media platforms, even Whatsapp today has become one of the most ubiquitous messaging tools. It has become the most sought texting app and is accepted on a world-wide basis which is exactly why the businesses should use Whatsapp for their marketing campaign.

bulk whatsapp marketing tool

The most prominent reason to include Whatsapp in the marketing campaign of a business is the huge number of people who already use this application. So, it would be easy to reach the target audiences of a business over Whatsapp via Whatsapp bulk sms. If you want to reach your target customers really fast, then Whatsapp is the best option. It is because at least 42% of the people or even more than that who use a smartphone prefer using Whatsapp for sending text.

  1. Know the ways by which you can use Whatsapp for your marketing campaign

For running a successful Whatsapp marketing campaign, you have several versions of Whatsapp for android phones, iPhones and for windows phone. Even desktop version is available too, but for that you need to install it in your mobile first since every Whatsapp account needs to be tied to a particular phone number.

For marketing purpose, Whatsapp will go through your entire list of contacts and display those contact who are already using Whatsapp. People in your contact list who are using Whatsapp already will also get to know that you are now using Whatsapp as well but only if you or your contacts have not done any privacy setting that is provided by Whatsapp. Now what are the available ways by which you can use Whatsapp in your Whatsapp marketing campaign?

bulk whatsapp

  • Chatting on one to one basis- In this way you can chat with other Whatsapp users directly who is present in your contact list. You can also call or video call them, send them images, videos, documents etc.
  • Broadcast texting- With the help of broadcast list you can text anyone who has saved your number in their phones. It is same as the BCC that you can find in emails. People in your contacts will get to see your broadcast message in the same way as a normal message. Even they will reply to the broadcast message in the same way. Broadcast texting allows you to send a message simultaneously to 256 contacts.
  • Creating groups- When creating groups in a Whatsapp, it will allow you to add maximum 256 people and also you can share videos, documents, images as well apart from texts. In a Whatsapp group, all the members will be able to see each other’s texts and reply them as well.

Thus, before you run your marketing campaign over whatsapp, remember the ways by which you can do it appropriately. Although it is the Best bulk Whatsapp provider yet you must remember not bombard your target customers with too many messages as it may lead you to get blocked which is not at all favorable. Even marketing over whatsapp will need you to take the consent of your customers in order to run this campaign successfully.

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  1. Learn about the best whatsapp marketing strategies

Whatsapp will not provide you with any kind of sell ad area or any other such features. This is exactly why it is essential to be engaging, innovative and interesting in your marketing approach through whatsapp. You need to put in a personal touch in your approach which will enable the customers to interact with the others suing Whatsapp bulk message ensuring better reliability with them. Some of the best whatsapp marketing strategies are mentioned below-

  • Create an Appealing Brand Identity for Whatsapp to chat with the consumers and also offer to help to encourage new usages for any product.
  • You need to be interactive and also engaging when offering a good value for building a phone database.
  • You may offer subtle advice or services to special customers and you may also encourage a user friendly procedure and give them clear and simple instructions.
  • Always send relevant contents to the users and make sure to deliver products and services at a faster rate. Also make sure to conduct a consumer research.

 whatsapp bulk message price

  1. Reaching the target audiences

Now that you have created a business account on whatsapp, you have to start thinking about the ways by which you can reach your target audience. By now, you have already got an idea about how to use this application, Bulk Whatsapp or rather how the consumers are using this application.

Since most of the people use the Whatsapp application as a messaging platform to send text messages, videos, images etc., to their friends and families so that they reach out to them and discuss about certain matters. The very first thing that you need to start thinking about is how your business can fit into such a thing.

You may have to customize your brand identity or even create a virtual bot who will initiate the conversation with a customer on behalf of your business. No matter what you do, since you will be interacting with a customer in an area where they are mostly comfortable with carrying out informal conversations, you have to create an interesting brand identity so that the customers show more interest.

Suppose you are having a conversation with a customer over whatsapp. As far as the Whatsapp services are concerned, you have to create a number that is unique for this function to work. You may create a real person to handle these conversations. In this way you will be able to interact with the customers with a more personal touch. This will help to lower the barrier that is created during conversations and many people might find it to be quite comfortable because the customers would know that they are actually talking to a real person and not with a bot.

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  1. Growing your audience

Once you see that more and more customers are coming in i.e. they are showing more interest and your list of contacts is also expanding; now you have to start taking your business to the next level. Whatsapp bulk message priceis free of cost and thus, whatsapp will offer you many ways to interact with the customers that are even better. Whatsapp is an application that is widely used all over the globe and in fact a greater percentage of people are using this application on a daily basis. So, higher the level of interaction, higher will be the number of customers. At this point, you will have to deliver the best contents of your business containing relevant topics that will motivate you to conduct a better conversation.

But how will you do it? Well, you two ways by which you can engage with your target customers easily. You need to label your customers which will help you to contact them whenever needed. The labels may include- new customer or order, payments that are pending, payments that have been made already, orders that are completed. You can make any other labels as per your need. After you are done with labeling your customers, it will become easier for you to find them and contact them while using the application.

The other way is to communicate with your customers using a group or broadcast list. Both of them have been discussed above.

Whatever method you choose, always make sure to set a few important guidelines if you are engaging with your customers over a group. This way you can make sure that no members of the group will post anything that is completely irrelevant as far as the purpose of the group is concerned. Also ensure that the people present in that group are actually following those guidelines sincerely.

Why businesses prefer using whatsapp marketing?

whatsapp marketing services

Businesses use Whatsapp marketing tool to promote their products and services using various mediums such as the television, radio or other platforms. It is not only dependent on just advertising but it also includes features such as video conferencing, demonstrating the procedures to use a product etc. When a business is launching a completely new product in the market, the same business will have to find various ways to introduce that product to the customers. And during such a time, nothing can be better than conducting a marketing campaign.

For this purpose, whatsapp is the most useful and powerful marketing tool that can help you to market your products and services effectively. You can even hire professional firms that can help you to market your products and services. They will help you to know about the modern market where you can shift your marketing campaign from normal text messaging to messaging over the whatsapp. This will help you to stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis because most of the people today are using whatsapp more and more. Even these firms will inform you about Bulk Whatsapp senderand how does it work. You can send messages to your customers in bulk. For this you have to opt in whatsapp bulk sms service. This messaging system has become more popular in today’s market.

whatsapp marketing campaign

When you hire these professional firms, they will allow you to send videos, images, messages to anyone who use whatsapp. You may also create a whatsapp group where you can interact with the customers after adding them to the group. You can add up to 256 members in whatsapp group from your list of contacts.

This way you will be able to interact with a huge number of people at your convenient time and place. Whatsapp marketing services has a feature which also enables you go through the history of chats at any time whenever you need.

Not only does whatsapp allow you to promote your products and services but it also helps you to provide customer care support whenever your customer have any queries that needs to solved immediately. If you just started your business then it can be quite challenging to run a customer support desk for all your customers. By using whatsapp application for your Business, even if you have a really tight budget you can afford to solve the queries of your customers right away. The best part is that this application supports all types of media such as images, videos, documents, audio messages, voice call and video call. All these are the best ways by which you can help your customers to solve their problems.

whatsapp bulk sms

Whatsapp will also allow you to get customer feedbacks on this application itself. As you see whatsapp is complete inexpensive yet it has the capabilities of bringing you huge fortune by helping you to run your business successfully. This is the best platform for marketing for the startup businesses. It is because the financial condition of startup business is quite tight during the initial stages. So, whatsapp being an inexpensive marketing tool, it will help these startup businesses to initiate their marketing campaign successfully.

Initiating the brand promotion

All of you have used several messaging applications, but you may find whatsapp to be a more convenient messaging application today. This application has billions of users. Not only do the people find it to be a useful and inexpensive way of messaging people but also businesses today, use the whatsapp marketing services for marketing their products and services and making them available to their target audiences easily.

Today, you will find many brands that use whatsapp for various business purposes like for marketing. You can also use this application to promote your brand in order to enhance the growth of your business. Whatsapp will allow you to chat with your customers in their preferred language. While you promote your products over the whatsapp, people will order them in whatsapp itself. In short they will purchase your products through this application. In case your customers want to know about a product in detail or have any other queries regarding your products, they can directly contact you or solve their problems over the whatsapp. For this you may want to keep the customer support feature ready.

whatsapp marketing

Bulk Whatsapp marketing tool has become really popular today. With the advancement in technology, the field of digital marketing has shown a tremendous growth. You have so many social media platform today that will help you to conduct a marketing campaign. Whatsapp is just one of the marketing tool that gives you some of the best whatsapp marketing services.

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