In this digital world people can’t take a single step without handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, and their conductor the internet. WhatsApp marketing Tool is another wonder that not only brings people closer, but it helps in the business industry as well. The trend of digital marketing has started the moment the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, has emerged. From that time the traditional businesses wanted to see the new light in the aspect of selling their products and attracting potential customers.

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This thing wasn’t easy before because social media was not invented then, After the invention of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, YouTube and other media platforms digital marketing go their scope to reach out to more and more people. In recent days digital marketing has reached the Q&A platform like Quora too. With the abundance of 1.5 billion users in the 180 countries, WhatsApp and WhatsApp marketing tools is one of the biggest messaging apps, which fulfills the texting needs of each person, and that too is free. Considering this businesses are taking their marketing strategies into a better level and doing their promotions with WhatsApp.

Why get used to WhatsApp marketing tools

As you know that the people of the world love WhatsApp, and especially in the areas where the rate of SMS is higher. So, as a business person, you must not let go of this golden opportunity. But how are you going to make your ads and send them to the customers? WhatsApp does not support advertisements. Also, if you bomber someone with a series of messages they will be irritated, and you might get blocked from the list. So, keeping all these risks in mind, you can use some tools that will aid you in the marketing of your products.

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In recent years, businesses have focused on the integration part, as developers have paid their attention to making bulk whatsapp marketing tool. They have made sure that the texting process for marketers gets easier and more user-friendly. The automation and marketing tools of WhatsApp have enabled the expansion of brands, enterprises, businesses, and entrepreneurs. They have gained more insight into their audiences and have been able to fulfill their needs in a better way than before. Other than the other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, marketers do not have to go through paid ads and holds more potential in grabbing the interest of the target customers. The ranges of third-party applications for WhatsApp its tools, software and services with scripts have allowed an easy enhancement of the marketing list of various businesses. Also, they are getting faster and more responses from the target consumers. Here, you can check out the tools for WhatsApp marketing and their features, which makes them popular with marketers.

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This is a tool that allows and enables you to create WhatsApp campaigns. You will be able to make and upload the list of your target audiences with the help of your smartphone or tablet. The same will be stored in this whatsapp web message user panel, so that you can send bulk texts any time you want. You will get broadcasting messages, images, texts and videos.

Features of WhatsApp Marketing

  • You can send bulk messages from the database you have
  • You can create polls with the help of WhatsApp
  • You can add videos, texts, and images and you can use over 1000 characters with each of your messages, or you can attach a popular video from YouTube.
  • You will be able to customize your campaign for the whatsapp marketing, and you can add the names of the recipient, their city, even birthday greetings too.
  • You will get proper statistics to get the results of the messages that have been delivered and read
  • This tool offers an API document with the key so that you can send personalized texts, and get automatic free responses from the customers in the campaign.

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This is a whatsapp bulk sms tool, with the help of this you can send unlimited texts to all of your potential clients. You can enhance your message with an image or video and add a caption to it. You can get free software for the filter, and a huge database of your country. You will get unlimited channels for major countries like the USA and UK with this tool.

Features of WappBlaster

  • You will get in-build filters
  • Get to send unlimited characters and texts to your potential customers and clients
  • With the help of this whatsapp marketing campaign tool, you can share the viral videos and their links. This will definitely give you more clicks and likes.
  • You can add images and videos with a caption to the message you are sending to the target audience
  • You will get an instant report on the texts you have sent
  • You will able to create and upload the important database of your clients and consumers


3.WAAM-it Sender

This is another great best bulk whatsapp provider tool, and you will get an option of free download. It allows you to send personalized texts to all of your contacts with the help of a spreadsheet. It also enables multimedia objects like links, films, images, videos, emojis, and GIFs. WAAM-it Sender supports all the languages provided by WhatsApp and its users so, that you can send 3000 free messages in a house and across the world.

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Features of WAAM-it Sender

  • You will get contact management
  • Get to send up to 3000 messages for free
  • Get to have scheduling of the texts
  • Avail all the formats of multimedia
  • You will be able to send bulk invitations for events, meetings, and conferences
  • You can customize the ID of yours
  • The texts are entirely automated
  • Get insights and analyze the dashboard



This whatsapp bulk message tool gives you the best facilities. By this, you will be able to send the details of your product to the customer group you have. You will get the guarantee of 100% delivery of the

messages, and you can create the outreach for customers without fearing it would enter the spam folder. This is a perfect tool for sending messages without getting the spams.

Features of Allwebmart

  • It will depend on the plan you have selected.
  • You can send 100 messages to unknown people and 3000 to known ones
  • You can attach a WhatsApp group for the promotion of your products
  • This tool allows you to send audios, video, and images to all of your messages
  • You can add unlimited characters in the text messages of yours


5.WhatsApp SMS Myntra

This tool lets you send messages to numerous people and in a very fast manner. It offers highly developed features so that you can track the WhatsApp marketing campaigns of yours. You can also choose the plan which will help you promote your business, and get a global database.

Features of WhatsApp SMS Myntra

  • You can send numerous messages and announce the updates and offers to your target audience.
  • You will be able to send audio messages to your customers.
  • You can send personalized texts to selected people. With the help of the mobile number list, you canchoose a message and send them anytime and from anywhere.
  • With this tool, you will be able to share your promotions and offers with the bulk list of emails.
  • You can add an unlimited mobile number so that you get access to vast audiences.
  • You can also share the transactional details to your clients to increase transparency

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This is a free bulk whatsapp tool, that lets you send messages directly from your PC.

This supports all the major Oss, like Mac, Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10, and with that 32 and 64 bit. However,the free version of it will not let you copy the multiple lists of contacts from the file.

Features of WhatSender

  • If you are using the paid version, you will be able to import all of your contacts from the file and you can copy and paste the same.
  • You can send personalized texts and add the name, birthday, of your recipients.
  • You can facilities like number filter, sending log,WhatsApp groups timed sending and so on.

7.Whatsapp Bulk Sender

This is one of the most advanced WhatsApp marketing tools. It allows you to send thousands of texts to your potential customers and anytime you want. You will get the flexibility to send the messages from any number you want and at any time.

Features of Whatsapp Bulk Sender

  • You can send unlimited messages from any number you have
  • You can personalize your inbox for the incoming texts, and send individuals a reply through all the channels you have
  • You can import the CSV and contacts from the tool to
  • your group. You will be able to categorize your contacts into
  • several groups. You can also send messages in any format you
  • want such as images, videos, audio, vCard and so on.

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This is a high-performance WhatsApp marketing tool, that provides service campaigns. It gives you the benefits of customizing your control over the app messages. You can get facilities of fax, web push, email and text messages.

Features of Agnitas

  • You will get the offer of cross channel marketing with this tool.
  • You will get other communication parts as fax, email, text messages and so on.
  • You will be able to personalize your texts with this whatsapp marketing services of Agnitas.
  • It helps you integrate the features of CRM to help you with the database you have.
  • You can send messages to different groups
  • Also, the automation of messages ensures that your clients are getting the messages quickly
  • You can design your messages and customize thembefore you send them.

9.Viking WhatsApp Marketing tool

This allows you to broadcast thousands of texts at the same time. You can convey the details to the users in the text, image, and document format.

whatsapp marketing campaign

Features of Viking WhatsApp Marketing tool

  • You can do WhatsApp forwarding with this tool so you can upload images, audios, videos, and images quickly.
  • You will be able to customize your message inbox, and it will allow you to reply to your clients through the channels.
  • You can send bulk text messages to potential customers and you can attach excel, document, vCard, images, and videos to them.
  • It will save you time, as you will be able to send thousands of messages at any time and from anywhere.

Benefits of WhatsApp marketing tools

There are several benefits to using WhatsApp marketing tools. They are efficient and allows you to send thousands of messages at once. Here check the benefits of the same.

  • Get stronger engagement with customers

As you know that people love to use their smartphones and they like the business approaches through this app. So, you can always build a better relationship with your customers with the help of these tools. You can send personalized messages to your clients and they will like it, as they will realize that you are regarding them as important buyers.

  • Positioning your Brand  

If you want to build your brand you can check whatsapp bulk message price, and you will understand that this is the thing you need to position your brand. As you are giving the updates of your products to target customers through WhatsApp, they get to see the name of your brand. Then, when you make some good offers, your customers will share the same with their friends and others. It will give recognition to your brand.

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  • Building of team

Another benefit of bulk WhatsApp tools are you can create groups and have effective communication with your colleagues, and staff. If you have a company, you need to integrate your staff, and to do that you can have a group. It will help you send bulk notifications and that too without any hassle.

  • Business ads and promotions

With the help of WhatsApp marketing tools, you will get a vast opportunity to promote your business products, and give ads. You can send the e-brochures of your company to the target audiences. Also, make your texts attractive, so that customers are drawn towards it. You have to customize your messages so your clients can understand the effort behind it.

  • Benefits with CRM of mobile

You can go for sending simple messages and it gives you the best results in Mobile CRM. You will be able to share feedbacks, prices, and other requirements with the help of WhatsApp marketing. You can have an effective interaction with your clients, and customers. As WhatsApp is free you can use it wisely and it will give you better facilities with your business. You can go for a whatsapp marketing tool, and it will provide you the best of CRM.

 whatsapp bulk message price

  • Send a message to any numbers

You might have a multinational business, and here WhatsApp marketing tool will perfectly help you. With the help of a tool, you will be able to send thousands of messages to any part of the world and from any number you have. You will also be able to send the same from your PC. You will get a faster speed when you send the messages. Also, you can check the results of the delivery, and the ones are read. As, WhatsApp is used by mostly the age group from 18 to 30, and if your target is the young audience, you won’t have to worry about the opening status of your texts. Your message will be opened within 3 seconds of it is received.

  • For advertising

You can use these tools to advertise your products. Although, you will not be able to give ads in WhatsApp, so you can be creative with the help of the tools. This will enable you to send images, videos, and vCard to your potential customers. You will never be far behind when there’s a competition going on in the market. Your advertising will be effective and you will surely get returns on your investments.

  • Set reminders

If you take the services of WhatsApp marketing tools, you will be able to send reminders to your customers. It can be about a promotion, an offer and so on. This will help you gain a better response from the target clients, and they will regard you as a genuine company. You can send the payment reminders and so many other things.

  • Broadcasts

You can send broadcast messages using the tools. You will be able to get and send one to one communication with your customers. Also, when you send broadcast messages the responses from the recipients will come on a one to one basis. It means you only will get their replies. This system gets easier when you use WhatsApp marketing tools.

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  • Send ebooks and catalogs

You can send catalogs and ebooks through WhatsApp, and it will help you effectively promote your business. Your customers will be interested in the contents you have sent them.

As you are doing business, you won’t get time to send all the bulk messages to your clients and customers. So, using the bulk whatsapp sender tools of WhatsApp, you won’t have to worry

about the messages and their customization. The sending of the texts is automated, you just have to set the time and date, and it will be sent to thousands of customers globally at the same time.







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